Head Gates

Automatic Head Gate



  • When a cow goes through, it will automatically reset.
  • Quick and easily adjusted.
  • Operates from either side.
  • Accommodated a right or left handed person.
  • Adjustable from 4” to 10 1/2”.
  • Accommodates any size animal.

Manual Head Gate


  • Single hand operation.
  • No friction lock mechanism.
  • Handle will not fly out of your hand and injure the operator.
  • 24” opening at the top and bottom.

Left or right handed operations are determined by facing forward the same way cattle would be facing in the head gate.

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198400 Self Catching Automatic Head Gate 277 lbs.
S202800 Heavy Duty Manual Head Gate - Left Handed 319 lbs.
S198620 Heavy Duty Manual Head Gate - Right Handed 319 lbs.
S198722 Utility Chute Head Gate 207 lbs.