Squeeze Chute - Manual Head Gate

Squeeze Chute With Manual Head Gate



  • 84” tall x 38” wide x 12’ long.
  • 9’ squeeze chute.
  • 3’ palpation cage.
  • 29” inside width (squeezes down to 12”).
  • 52 grease zerks.



Both sides open all of the way and have slam latched designed panels. Features one of the largest injection doors on the market.

Rear vertical slide gate can be on either end of palpation cage. Progressive bar will slide up as the animal moves forward.

The back tailgate folds on itself and gets completely out of the way. Drop down doors have blinders on them to keep the animal focused. Drop down doors on the side go all the way down.

Foot pedal opening on palp door release giving operators
a hands free opening.

Controls can be mounted and run from either side depending on your operation. Lower side doors do not have to be removed and taken out when nursing a calf. Squeeze lever swings away allowing the side of the chute to open even when squeezed down. 

Left handed operation pictured. 
Left handed manual head gate is standard.
Right handed option must be specified at time of order.

Left or right handed operations are determined by facing forward the same way cattle would be facing in the head gate.

The squeeze chute has a denser, heavier floor that features molded cleats that keep animal's hoofs from sliding front to rear and side to side. Molded cleats won't rust and wear out resulting in longer equipment life.

View the Squeeze Chute Video 

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S198811Squeeze Chute w/Manual Head Gate, Palp Cage, 
Slick Door and Steel Floor
2020 lbs.
S191440MLHPGSqueeze Chute w/Manual Head Gate, Palp Cage, 
Slick Door and Cleated Rubber Chute Floor
2250 lbs.