Adjustable Alleys

Adjustable Alleys


After leaving the tub, cattle naturally move towards the light by passing through these adjustable alleys, providing a smooth, continuous flow and reducing stress. Alleys allow animals to be squeezed down to 16” for calves and out to 30” for mature animals with 6 locking points.


  • 8 1/2’ and 16 1/2’ lengths.
  • Adjusts from 16” to 30” wide.
  • Built-in no back bar.
  • Greasable pivot points.
  • Full catwalk (standard).
  • 6 locking points.

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S191530 8.5’ Adjustable Alley 714 lbs.
S186696 16.5’ Adjustable Alley 1200 lbs.
S176180 No Back Rump Bar 35 lbs.
S198383 Pin On Slick Door 295 lbs.
S189653 Vertical Lift Gate With Pin On 100 lbs.
SS1272RT 12’ Range Tough Corral Panel 119 lbs.
SS1072RT 10’ Range Tough Corral Panel 103 lbs.
S196477PG Alley Extension 53 lbs.