Utility Chute

Utility Chute


The utility chute’s unique design and versatility allows for it to be utilized in a wide variety of livestock handling situations.

The chute has the ability to catch and hold the smallest calves to the largest cows in any cattle operation.


  • Side doors open at the top and bottom on both sides of the chute allowing for easy access to the upper body by having the bottom door closed. Or for easy access to the lower leg area while having the top closed.
  • Vertical side bar loops at the top allow a bar to be placed vertically top to bottom in the chute so that both the top and bottom doors can be open at the same time and still maintain the animal inside the chute.


  • Inside width: 28"
  • Inside height: 76"
  • Length of complete system: 10' 6"
  • Manual head gate

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S198804 Utility Chute With Head Gate, Palp Cage, Slide Gate 1029 lbs.
S196542 Utility Chute With Head Gate 871 lbs.
S208481 Manual Head Gate 207 lbs.
S198784 Palp Cage 193 lbs.
S198797 Slide Gate 134 lbs.